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Women Terrorise Japanese Trains: 5 Ways to Avoid Arrest

Japanese men are increasingly desperate in the face of innumerable false or dubious accusations of groping on the nation’s trains, and with the presumption of guilt and no legal recourse face almost inevitable prosecution if accused.

The best advice on offer? Specialists working with police suggest following the five points below may allow a male passenger to reduce his chances of being falsely accused of molestation:

1. Don’t stand near the doors or corners of the carriage.
2. Grab the hanging strap with both hands.
3. Don’t stand next to a woman.
4. Put your baggage on the rack.
5. Don’t do anything which could be misconstrued.

Unfortunately, since police and courts almost invariably listen only to the woman’s version of events, all these can readily be counteracted by mistaken or malicious testimony, save in the presence of a sound alibi, a difficult thing to find on a train full of strangers resolutely ignoring one another.

70% of groping occurs in the morning rush hour, but men are advised to be on guard at night all the same, lest they be mistaken for a lecherous drunk by one of Japan’s princess caste.

If you are accused despite all this, someone involved in defending such wretches offers this advice:

“If you’re accused, the first thing you must do is keep calm and discuss it with your accuser. If you shout she may just be provoked, and that is the worst possible outcome. Don’t under any circumstances go straight to the station office, first call your lawyer and have them intercede.”

It may be wise to secure legal counsel ahead of time.

Of course, such charges do not emerge out of a vacuum, even if they do appear to be taken out of all proportion.

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2ch offers its supplementary 5 ways of avoiding false arrest:

6. Don’t get on a bus or train.
7. Become a hikikomori.
8. Keep touching the man next to you.
9. Get on the carriage for perverts.
10. Dress as a woman.

Some can’t help but wonder if men-only carriages are the only way out of this predicament…

Extracted From Sankaku Complex.