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Welcome to My Chronicles.

Lol well hello and welcome to this blog named Mirosuke Chronicles

I just started this blog today because in 23 days a new life starts for me. (Get a life rite?)
Since no ones come across here, i can tell this:
I got residence in the US and im going to travel to Hawaii and live there.

Fuck yeah!
But not really, i said live in there, not having vacations, so the things are going to get harder at the commence.

How did all this started?
On the 20th of July i had an appointment for the interview at the Embassy of the US.
Went there at 7 am o’clock and… Continue reading


New forum ahead?!

Hello fellas! It’s me, who else? Mirosuke. 🙂

That’s right i got hot news for you guys: It’s revealed that i’m going to make a new brand forum!
Since my last one (Very last and old one) it’s seems so useless. I had a great time, really old yet so good times with that little forum, but always getting it away. That’s why i’m creating a new one.

This one is named Tamashii Nest (Soul Nest). Link? Just for preview can be checked HERE.

And speaking about other news, check my lastest vid on youtube!

That’s all for now! See ya!