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Space invaders: The Movie.

With a movie version of Missile Command essentially set up at Fox and an adaptation of Asteroids in development at Universal, it was only a matter of time before a studio decided to take on the grandfather of all video games, Space Invaders.

Yeas, Ma’ams and Gentlemens, the brand new production of Warner bros. SPACE INVADERS: THE MOVIE.
It been a while since someone made a Movie of something irrelevant. I think they lack of imagination, so they taking anything to make profits. Soon you’ll see Tetris: Revenge of the Blocks.

And oh, what it amuse is not made by a crazy japanese (wich the game was created by japaneses)… Okay, i think the americans , really, they’re lacking of imagination or went to the oddest side of the Japanese people.
No, it’s looks like a joke but no, it’s real. I still wonder how they will make a movie about a singular and extremely simple game like Space Invader is.

Rumors about Pacmac too? Geez, i need a break…
via LATimes