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Anime Family Project – Mirosuke Version

Today, surfing on the web while studying Economics (lol, i know it’s epic) i found something interesting at Lyrical Spark website something she called “Anime Family Project”.

What is this?
Well, is choosing who on the anime/manga/game characters could be part of your family.
There’s an example of Honya’s Family.

Let’s see, according on the format:

  • Format:
    -”insert relationship here i.e. Onee-san”: “Choice (series)”
    -Honorable Mentions: “Runner-up Choices (series)”
    -Rationale: “explanation goes here”
  • Family can be of any size you want. Default family members are as follows:
    -Otou-san お父さん (Means Father)
    -Okaa-san お母さん (Means Mother)
    -Onee-san お姉さん (Means Big Sister)
    -Onii-san お兄さん (Means Big Brother)
    -Imouto 妹 (Means Little Sister)
    -Otouto 弟 (Means Little Brother)
    -Waifu (自分の)奥さん (Means Wife)
    -Musume (自分の)娘 (Means Daughter)
    -Musuko (自分の)息子 (Means Son)
  • Character limitations: Anime, Manga, and Game characters are all eligible
  • Selection Criteria: Whatever you want.

Well, i’ll show my Anime Family but let me say that choosing a Otouto or a Musuko was kinda hard… Don’t know why, i think i don’t remember so many “childist” male characters. Anyways, hope’s everything it’s okay (and each terms is well translated).

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