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Welcome to My Chronicles.

Lol well hello and welcome to this blog named Mirosuke Chronicles

I just started this blog today because in 23 days a new life starts for me. (Get a life rite?)
Since no ones come across here, i can tell this:
I got residence in the US and im going to travel to Hawaii and live there.

Fuck yeah!
But not really, i said live in there, not having vacations, so the things are going to get harder at the commence.

How did all this started?
On the 20th of July i had an appointment for the interview at the Embassy of the US.
Went there at 7 am o’clock and… Continue reading


~Nikon 5000

I was thinking a lot about if i should really spend 700$ on a Professional Digital Camera.
Of course, $700 is a lot of money to spend on a camera even more if you’re not really a photographer but i think just  as a hobby (which is worst lol) .

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[Daily Pic I] My Laptop

Ehm, my notebook. That’s all.

It’s is sooo old… i’m getting a new one soon. (still don’t know if i should get a Desktop or Notebook)

Space invaders: The Movie.

With a movie version of Missile Command essentially set up at Fox and an adaptation of Asteroids in development at Universal, it was only a matter of time before a studio decided to take on the grandfather of all video games, Space Invaders.

Yeas, Ma’ams and Gentlemens, the brand new production of Warner bros. SPACE INVADERS: THE MOVIE.
It been a while since someone made a Movie of something irrelevant. I think they lack of imagination, so they taking anything to make profits. Soon you’ll see Tetris: Revenge of the Blocks.

And oh, what it amuse is not made by a crazy japanese (wich the game was created by japaneses)… Okay, i think the americans , really, they’re lacking of imagination or went to the oddest side of the Japanese people.
No, it’s looks like a joke but no, it’s real. I still wonder how they will make a movie about a singular and extremely simple game like Space Invader is.

Rumors about Pacmac too? Geez, i need a break…
via LATimes


♦Be ready…

你好!Yeah, me again, Mirosukε.

Again, haven’t been here for a while huh? But yeah, got a lot of interesting stuff i have to say.
Don’t worry, i won’t bore you. 😉

First of all, i have to say the Blog is going to change for good sake in a couple of months. It going to take a while, but i’m going to give you a lot of great news, pictures and full information about a country (wich is where i’m going to move on).  There you go.

Anyways,  it been almost 3 months  since i wrote something here. What the hell. I just noticed it.
The reason why i’m here is cuz i got engaged again with Twitter. All this time, i’ve been playing some offline games (loser ftl!).

Like the new header? A fast improovement. More new updates to come.

Okay, Happy New year and Happy Chinese Year! Lol, i know really late but better late than never.
I have a couple of Lan games in my house with some friends. Also, finally sold my transformer. AKA my super PC (at least for me dur). Got a nice profit of 700$ plus the 500$ i got from New year and Birthday.
Woot, i feel millionarie. Still thinking on what i’m going to spend it.

Before getting millionarie, i bought just another PSP. Yeah, i have two PSP. I’m insane, isn’t?
Well, i bought it because i got bored of the single-player games and if someone was using the PSP, the other, in this case my sister, will had to wait until i finish it. So i bought it to play via AD-Hoc, and it’s so much FUN!
Games like Warriors of the lost Empire and Pangya.

Recently, i’m complaining about my pretty poor space on both of my Hard Drive. 80 + 80 = 160GB
One of them is Portable and it’s totally full. The other, incorporated on my laptop, is 70% used.
So i ordered a LG HDX Portable Hard Drive of 500GB. I won’t complain anymore.



Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper

Working on

What’s up guys. It’s Mirosuke 😀
Long time no see. Man, this feeling is so good.
You’re wondering what is this feeling… Well, i pass my Final exam of Math 2. Got a ‘score’ of 15/20 at the end.
But, i feel kinda bad for my friends who didn’t pass it. 😦 Anyways, its feels like a new life ahead to face. Gotta do it better for the next semester.

Changing of subject, got a new game to spend my time on! The name’s Dragonica Online.
Not gonna spend the space of this post talking about it, but its a 2D scrolling and fun game anime-based.

Also i want to try Audition Online :0
Daamn, the games reminds me a lot of Bust a Groove series… Love those music games (L)

I jsut arrived to Barranca, the city where i grown and where are my close family (like parents and sister) lives.
Thanks god i left that rotten house where i was living ‘atm’ for studies… God, i hate hate house.
Just came and, feeeels good. Working again, chilling with some high school friends.
And going to stay here Christmas, New year and the rest of my vacations.

I’m also trying to learn/perfect some of my knowing languages: English, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin. (Just roght know a friend its teaching me French ).

This was chapter two.
See you soon!

Err.. Kipi?

Yeah, that’s her in a Kasumi Outfit cosplay.
That’s for the feedback lol

She's Cute!