⌧Cousins striking

So yeah, my cousins, Wikchion and Moi came yesterday from Sullana, a very warm place.
We had a Party Poker Night yesterday with some friends (Rodrigo, Jimena and Ricardo). Even my mom was playing with us… lol.

We are enjoying this at max since, well, we are all going to move out and it’s hard.
We all are having a really good time from playing poker to having a massive karaoke play of any kind of song. And just now, while i am posting this they are having fun playing Bomberman Jetters for NGC.
I could use my PS2 but it’s not like we all will have fun at the same time.

Talking apart, once i reach there i have many things to do… from sign in up for the college to work and earn some money. Could be hard since i am not a english speaker but once time passes it could get easier.

Got nothing to say right now and i am really aphonic and really tired since we were playing poker till 5 am and i just slept 4-5 hours. (Couldn’t sleep well because of cold). So i am kind of zombiefed right now.

Will post a picture later. See ya!

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