Welcome to My Chronicles.

Lol well hello and welcome to this blog named Mirosuke Chronicles

I just started this blog today because in 23 days a new life starts for me. (Get a life rite?)
Since no ones come across here, i can tell this:
I got residence in the US and im going to travel to Hawaii and live there.

Fuck yeah!
But not really, i said live in there, not having vacations, so the things are going to get harder at the commence.

How did all this started?
On the 20th of July i had an appointment for the interview at the Embassy of the US.
Went there at 7 am o’clock and… there was a row with a lot of people to get a visa. Unlike us, our documents were different than the others since we came here for the
residence.I was freezing to death. The weather in where i live actually (Lima) is really cold (but no snow).

Let say we have a little lucky with us. We were the #7 on wait for the resident in that day, so i thought it would be really fast. But not, we were 5 that were going to get a residence, so it took a while.
There were 6 counters: from 9 to 14 they were windows; but the 15 was a closed room, for the way of the people that went inside and stayed there for more like an half an hour, it was intimidating.
I begged not to be called there cause i could get nervous (maybe), since the rest of the counters were womans.
The looks of the women behind the counter were kind of serious, but the counter 12 it had a very kind woman by her looks. Lucky we were called by HER.

She asked some sort questions while she was checking and getting the documents ready for the REAL interview. Our documents were up to date and OK’ed.
So, after half an hour of waiting, we were called by the counter 9. It was a very, very kind woman who, surprisingly, is also from Hawaii and his mother lives there. We all were like Woah!

We had a really nice chit-chat with some kind of long questions to my dad and my sister (who actually study in there).
But finally we leave from that site with a residence documents of the US in OUR hands…

I really appreciate the help that my uncle provided us for this. Without him, this would be never possible.
Thats why my parents went to a Turistical place to buy a lot of souvenirs for him. lol.
And for me, i have to say Goodbye to everything i made here: Friends, Manners, Childhood, Girlfriend (lalala), a lot of stuff that i’d never forget and will keep them always…

Here i come, HAWAII xD

    • Arisa ❤
    • July 24th, 2010

    wow, really? i can’t wait for you haha XD
    tell me when you come here, baby! 😛

    • Erin Tamizawa
    • July 24th, 2010

    Oooh, that is something we should celebrate!!
    I am cheering for you, Miro.

    And congrats!!

  1. Thank you❣ ❤

    • Aʞira
    • July 24th, 2010

    yo men, whats up.
    damn thats soo great. jsut when i am about to have a small trip to south america haha

    congratulations, bro

    • M&Mlol
    • July 24th, 2010

    OMG you bitch! Hawaii! shhhhhiitttt…

    i hope i were you LOL

    • AzureSky
    • July 24th, 2010

    lol one thing ill tell you now Forget the Jacket lol keep it off before you even get near the US youll be feeling the heat 😀

  2. yeah i know.
    You bet kid!


    • AzureSky
    • July 24th, 2010

    … Kid? xD im older than you man

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