♦Be ready…

你好!Yeah, me again, Mirosukε.

Again, haven’t been here for a while huh? But yeah, got a lot of interesting stuff i have to say.
Don’t worry, i won’t bore you. 😉

First of all, i have to say the Blog is going to change for good sake in a couple of months. It going to take a while, but i’m going to give you a lot of great news, pictures and full information about a country (wich is where i’m going to move on).  There you go.

Anyways,  it been almost 3 months  since i wrote something here. What the hell. I just noticed it.
The reason why i’m here is cuz i got engaged again with Twitter. All this time, i’ve been playing some offline games (loser ftl!).

Like the new header? A fast improovement. More new updates to come.

Okay, Happy New year and Happy Chinese Year! Lol, i know really late but better late than never.
I have a couple of Lan games in my house with some friends. Also, finally sold my transformer. AKA my super PC (at least for me dur). Got a nice profit of 700$ plus the 500$ i got from New year and Birthday.
Woot, i feel millionarie. Still thinking on what i’m going to spend it.

Before getting millionarie, i bought just another PSP. Yeah, i have two PSP. I’m insane, isn’t?
Well, i bought it because i got bored of the single-player games and if someone was using the PSP, the other, in this case my sister, will had to wait until i finish it. So i bought it to play via AD-Hoc, and it’s so much FUN!
Games like Warriors of the lost Empire and Pangya.

Recently, i’m complaining about my pretty poor space on both of my Hard Drive. 80 + 80 = 160GB
One of them is Portable and it’s totally full. The other, incorporated on my laptop, is 70% used.
So i ordered a LG HDX Portable Hard Drive of 500GB. I won’t complain anymore.



Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper

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