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Same as always.

Hello there, my viewers. it’s me Mirosuke again.
Aww, i wish i could have a better and fast camera photographic.

Oh well anyways, what’s new till now? Let’s check it out:

Forum. Yes, the oldie forum Dark Soul Clan Forum (Now, Tamashii Nest) is back now. Join us and call your friends. Link avaiable at the right –> Oh, the “new” forum i mentioned before on one of my old post it’s now unavaiable. lol

Phantasy Star Online. Been playing it more than ever, got my Ranger at lvl 30 and Hunter to lvl 38 woot.

Card Tricks. I bought a deck of card to learn some great tricks. Check one of them.

I’m out of inspiration duh! will post again later.


Working on

What’s up guys. It’s Mirosuke 😀
Long time no see. Man, this feeling is so good.
You’re wondering what is this feeling… Well, i pass my Final exam of Math 2. Got a ‘score’ of 15/20 at the end.
But, i feel kinda bad for my friends who didn’t pass it. 😦 Anyways, its feels like a new life ahead to face. Gotta do it better for the next semester.

Changing of subject, got a new game to spend my time on! The name’s Dragonica Online.
Not gonna spend the space of this post talking about it, but its a 2D scrolling and fun game anime-based.

Also i want to try Audition Online :0
Daamn, the games reminds me a lot of Bust a Groove series… Love those music games (L)

I jsut arrived to Barranca, the city where i grown and where are my close family (like parents and sister) lives.
Thanks god i left that rotten house where i was living ‘atm’ for studies… God, i hate hate house.
Just came and, feeeels good. Working again, chilling with some high school friends.
And going to stay here Christmas, New year and the rest of my vacations.

I’m also trying to learn/perfect some of my knowing languages: English, Japanese and Chinese Mandarin. (Just roght know a friend its teaching me French ).

This was chapter two.
See you soon!