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Haven’t been here for a long while

And yeah, i won’t make a excuse. I was bit off, lazy and stuff to post here. Since no ones make comments, so i thought ig was useless to keep doing some post. But i’ve noticed we have so many visitor. I am so glad ^_^

Many things have happened to me.

Mothers day, i’ve been working in that day helping to my uncle -_-‘.
Practising a little with my Eletric Guitar. Playing GH II & III, but just some days ago my friend deleted the save data of GH II T_T. What a dumb D:

Been back to playing Silkroad Online 😛 yeah i know, but wanted just to say hi to some good friend i have make there.
I’m playing on Server Saturn. PM, and i’ll pm you back if im on =o

Also, i’m actually palying a new game :O Trickster Online Playing as a Bunny (boxer, 2nd Job already) lvl 74 =P
Yeah i recommend this game. it has a nice Anime Style Design and very easy game Play (WAY better than Mapple).
Playing on server Fantasia – Dream Land (it was the custom server when i started to play)
IGN (In-Game Name): Xelanda (In both games)

Forum Revived!!: Please, visit us >u< Dark Soul Clan Forums
Oh, and most important: my exams are going to start next week. So i’ll be busy as hell. And cracked up as hell. (Accounting Matter is fcking hard as hell >__<)
And im going to Barranca also (place where i’ve been raised). Hope everything’s ok there.
Right now i’m studying a bit =_= but i’m a bit off… so it can’t be helped D:
My grades aren’t going well.. i’m kinda dissapointed of myself. I marked some task, some goals… and i don’t even have the will to do them.
Maybe i need a re-roll… Always, the same sentence. Why?!

uhm.. Well thats for now, just to make you know i’m still alive and the blog as well lol ;D
Bye Bye, until next post ;0 *smoochies*

Oh, one las thing. I wish i could gone to Hawaii along my sister to study… it’s getting hard being here, with my uncles and their sons…
I don’t know what happened. If i dissappear, i’d blame to them (after founding me xD). But i won’t relased my angry, not yet…

-sigh- I’d just smile at them.

Flonne 😀


Japanese with Spanish Songs!

Omg… It has been a long time since I wrote in here, isn’t it? hahaha Look! Japanese songs with a little bit of spanish and… one of those misheard lyricsin japanese that kind of sounds like spanish… XDDDD


Miyavi – Senor Senora Senorita

Yamapi – Senora

Yamapi – Seishun Amigo (its kind of gay though XDU)

:3 And the Parody of Visual, J-rock Bands!

Atte: BnO~! Hi-Mi-Tsu Team! ❤