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OP & ED Dubs Covered by Noki~

Now i present you a great singer with a cute and adorable Voice: Noki.

Her works are just amazing. I posted like 2 weeks ago a song (HANAJI – Maria Holic) covered by her too!
Now she’s back with two new and amazing dubs: Cagayake! Girls and Don’t Say “Lazy” from K-ON! series (OP and ED).
Those song are pretty popular those days, and it’s was a must to subb it.

I don’t have anything to say than Enjoy it. All the credits Goes to Nokkicon.
You can see her other works/subs on her YouTube Channel
Hopefully, we’ll see her in the future as a New Singer Idol of Japanese Music. Cheers!

【Cagayake! GIRLS 】covered by Noki

【Don’t say “Lazy” 】covered by Noki


The mess of my room.

It’s kinda selfish to post my room here (Actually the “mess” of my room), but i wanted to show how i feel sometimes. That means, when i’m sad or sick, my room is really a mess… but otherwise, if i am happy and healthy you’ll see almost the most clean room you’ll see (Regardless of the structure of the room). Oh well… have a good sight. (Hope you don’t find my Ecchi zasshi).

The “Mess” of my Room.