Injection of Love

Here I am willing to show you guys a Song that… (and my partner won’t let me lie) is an amazing, I totally love it, this is a trance song from akira yamaoka mixed with Sana, the singer voice is an amazing, if u are a guy it will put you under ecstasis! her voice is very seductive and the lyrics are just… too much! this is Hot Stuff! :3

I hope u like it, Lyrics down!


Modaeru Say you love me
midarete kuruu You want it
nureru kotoba dake

Afureru Say you need me
obiete kuruu I want it
moeru kuchizukete

Kanjite | Touch me
kiss shite | Lick me
yasashiku | Stroke me

Ai shite ai shite…

Yura yura tokete
fuwa fuwa yuku wa
Yubi wo karamasete mo
mono tarinai wa

Kura kura shizumi
tsura tsura ochiru
Anata no subete wo motto
sosogi dashite yo

Tsutsumare dakiyose kokoro furuwase
Anata no oku made ochite yukitai no

Hageshiku | hold me
nazoru no | feel me
motto | shake me

Ai shite ai shite…

Kira kira hikari
hara hara suru wa
Suhada karamasete mo
mono tarinai wa

Mera mera moete
hira hira chiru wa
Karaku karada wo motto
uruowasete yo

Tsuki hate mitasare
mitsu wo kawashite
Ikenai sekai e
ochite yukitai no ohh..

English translation
I’m so worried, say you love me; You want it and it drives you crazy just with steamy words
I’m overflowing, say you need me; I want it so bad your burning kisses scare me

I feel you touch me; kiss me and lick me; gently stroke me

Love me, love me …

I melt and sway, going lightly
Even as our hands entwine, it’s not enough

Dizzily we sink in, deeply we fall
Pour even more of yourself into it

Surrounded, embracing, it makes my heart tremble
I want to fall deep into your depths

Hold me tightly; trace my body; shake me harder

Love me, love me …

The glittering light gets me so excited
Even as our naked bodies overlap, it’s not enough

We burn up, and then gently we fall down
Please, slake my body’s thirst

Exhausted, satisfied, we exchange our honey
I want to fall into a world we shouldn’t get into

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