Anime Family Project – Mirosuke Version

Today, surfing on the web while studying Economics (lol, i know it’s epic) i found something interesting at Lyrical Spark website something she called “Anime Family Project”.

What is this?
Well, is choosing who on the anime/manga/game characters could be part of your family.
There’s an example of Honya’s Family.

Let’s see, according on the format:

  • Format:
    -”insert relationship here i.e. Onee-san”: “Choice (series)”
    -Honorable Mentions: “Runner-up Choices (series)”
    -Rationale: “explanation goes here”
  • Family can be of any size you want. Default family members are as follows:
    -Otou-san お父さん (Means Father)
    -Okaa-san お母さん (Means Mother)
    -Onee-san お姉さん (Means Big Sister)
    -Onii-san お兄さん (Means Big Brother)
    -Imouto 妹 (Means Little Sister)
    -Otouto 弟 (Means Little Brother)
    -Waifu (自分の)奥さん (Means Wife)
    -Musume (自分の)娘 (Means Daughter)
    -Musuko (自分の)息子 (Means Son)
  • Character limitations: Anime, Manga, and Game characters are all eligible
  • Selection Criteria: Whatever you want.

Well, i’ll show my Anime Family but let me say that choosing a Otouto or a Musuko was kinda hard… Don’t know why, i think i don’t remember so many “childist” male characters. Anyways, hope’s everything it’s okay (and each terms is well translated).

Otou-san: Fujitaka Kinomoto (Sakura Card Captors)
Honorable Mentions: Empty
Rationale: Well i choosed Fujitaka Kinomoto from CCS series cause is the one i know right know xD. A handsome person and very talented. He can be a Father and a Mother in the same time. He will always supports you whenever you have troubles.

Okaa-san: Trisha Elric (FMA)
Honorable Mentions: Nadeshiko Kinomoto (Sakura Card Captors), Kurosaki Masaki (Bleach)
Rationale: Another parent? -A- Phew, at least i found someone i liked. it’s was really hard to finds someone who cares about you as a Son. A Lovely and Pretty Mature woman that can protect you at the cost fo her life. I don’t know many “Mommys” on animes (or i don’t remember). Seriously, i don’t really care or seen many parents on anime. At least, the story doesn’t center on them or they are just secundary Characters.

Onee-san: Megurine Luka (Vocaloid)
Honorable Mentions Winry Rockbell (FMA)
Rationale: Even that i “discovered” her some days ago from the Vocaloid Series, i knew somehow she could be as part of my family, and it’d be hella fun. All i know of her is that shes kinda Alcholic xD but mature as well, so a Big Sister (for me) should be sexy and mature that makes mature stuffs xD. Also, shes a singer and that’s just lovely. Usually, Big sisters or Big bros are the ideal person to follow, in this case… is not really. Anyway, since i am very jelous of my real sisters (protective bro BD) i’d be soo jelous of her lmao!
Onii-san: Kamina (Gurren Lagann),
Honorable Mentions: Kazuma (s.Cry.ed), Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach)
Rationale: Omg, all of the suggested characters names starts with K LOL. well.. What i can say of him? Such a leader to follow without doubt! Whenever i try to give up with something, he will kick my ass so hard and say to me something like: “All this effort we made, for nothing? Think carefully about it. All the dreams, goals we have.. everythin for nothing? Don’t joke me! I know you can do it better, better than me. You are unique, and no ones can imitates you. The true power is inside you.” Haha, god. Not exactly, but i know something cheerfully like that.
•Imouto: Nana Komatsu (NaNa)
Honorable MentionsKanami Yuta (s.Cry.ed), Darry Adai (Gurren Lagann)
Rationale: “Hachi”-chan! Aww, i love her, but i don’t want it too much (Omg, i just said a phrase of the Poison song) Cause, i don’t wanna hurt her feelings xD Anyways, instead, i’d loved her with all my soul but as a Onii-chan and support her all the way i can. She suffered in love a lot, since she is a little silly for it. Woah, she can be a good wife too, but i think being her Big Brother is a better way.

Otouto: Kagamine Ren (Vocaloid)
Honorable Mentions: Simon (Gurren Lagann), Li Shaoran (CCS)
Rationale: Why he? Well, he is some of the fews male “childs” i like. He just seems to love her sister too (speaking about Family love). He can be a Little Brother to care about. And also he can teach me to sing too XD He just handsome too, like fews Little brother are. (I think the right term should be Cute)

•Waifu: Nia Teppelin (Gurren Lagann)
Honorable MentionsYoko Littner (Gurren Lagann), Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)
Rationale: Oh my, she’s just a Miracle. Since i saw her first time on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann i felt in love with her. She’s so cute, innocent, kind, cares to others… Just Adorable! In fact, she can a very good Wife since at least she tries to cook and helps others. And when 7 years have passed (in the anime) and she growns adult, i was like: Omfg, she’s definitly have to be my WAIFU lol Even more when she have that “Evil Personality” makes her beyond sexyness. Otherwise, her opposite is still a cute and kind girl.
•Musume: Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)
Honorable MentionsKonata (Lucky Star), Rin Kagamine (Vocaloid), Sakura Kinomoto (Sakura Card Captors), Kasugano Midori (Midori No Hibi), Miyazaki Nodoka (Mahou Sensei Negima!)
Rationale: Ahh, The Tsundere idol: Aisaka Taiga from Toradora! Series. I haven’t watched this anime yet, but her personality (some reviews) describes me how can be a daughter of my like. She could be the cuttest child i could have asking something like: “Ahh, Daddy… please, buy me that.. Onegaaii? *Puts kawaii face with bigger and shiny eyes*” Ahh, nothing more to say. ❤ and Why many honorable’s mentions? Cause in RL, actually i’d like to have kids, and therefore a Daughter. 🙂

•Musuko: No One
Honorable Mentions: Empty
Rationale: This one vas REALLY HARD. At the end, i couldn’t choose someone.

I think that’s my Anime Family. It took me almost 3 hours looking foward some animes and trying to remember some characters, but a tthe end it was funny 😉
Well, if you want to do this too, Go Ahead! Will be interesting what kind of mad, cute, weird family you got 😛 and share to us, and you’ll be added to the list. (Credits goes to Honya)

Others Anime Familys:
Honya’s Family

  1. April 20th, 2009

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