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“K-ON!” seems to have taken the otaku scene by storm. Though some criticize the series, there’s no denying after the first episode a real “K-ON!” craze has started.

None other than Mio Akiyama is getting most of the attention and quickly becoming a fan favorite with many artworks and illustrations of the lovely keion-bu (けいおんぶ) bass player appearing online.

Lovely art of Mio

From Danny Choo to Sankaku Complex or the many forums and image boards, “K-ON!” is being talked about everywhere.

Even eclipsing high profile series like “Fullmetal Alchemist”, “Hayate No Gotoku! 2” or the very ecchi “Queen’s Blade”, “K-ON!” seems to be the favorite flavor in otakuland, and even when not liked, it certainly is still being discussed or getting in the spotlights.

Although all the girls were quite endearing and instantly capture the viewer’s heart, I have to confess that Mio is my favorite as well so far.

Mio looks terrific in this outfit from the ending theme

With the catchy rock opening and ending themes spawning many videos on nico nico douga, there might be quite a rush for the full singles when they’ll be released on April 22nd.
In the meantime my mobile ringtone just got an update “K-ON!” style.

Whether the series will deserve this hype and praise we shall see over time, I can only say the first episode was a real hit for me so I hope the series keeps this up and becomes an icon like “The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi” or “Lucky Star”. (Noteworthy, all animated by Kyoto Animation.)

Very cute Mio

Love the above illustration of Mio, she looks so adorable in that style.

Will the series be able to make true on this hype and heavy expectations after this dazzling first episode? We can only hope and see what the next episodes will bring!
You can check & download the episodes here.

Oh, By the way [EnP] stands for “English Post”