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Shonen Aniversary T-Shirt

Actually, i don’t really understanded what “Shonen” means, but Taly said: It’s a kind of anime who has action and stuff for males. Apparently no romance. Well, in that case i can wear the T-shirt. The only thing is… its looks  UNISEX. (Or like Taly said is for Bisexuals lol)

Well, it have a big guy in the middle, then 3 differentes characters around him. One male, one female and a fat guy below xD
It is from Hong Kong, my counsing send it to me. Thank you!

As i said, it’s decent but original ❤


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OP & ED Dubs Covered by Noki~

Now i present you a great singer with a cute and adorable Voice: Noki.

Her works are just amazing. I posted like 2 weeks ago a song (HANAJI – Maria Holic) covered by her too!
Now she’s back with two new and amazing dubs: Cagayake! Girls and Don’t Say “Lazy” from K-ON! series (OP and ED).
Those song are pretty popular those days, and it’s was a must to subb it.

I don’t have anything to say than Enjoy it. All the credits Goes to Nokkicon.
You can see her other works/subs on her YouTube Channel
Hopefully, we’ll see her in the future as a New Singer Idol of Japanese Music. Cheers!

【Cagayake! GIRLS 】covered by Noki

【Don’t say “Lazy” 】covered by Noki

The mess of my room.

It’s kinda selfish to post my room here (Actually the “mess” of my room), but i wanted to show how i feel sometimes. That means, when i’m sad or sick, my room is really a mess… but otherwise, if i am happy and healthy you’ll see almost the most clean room you’ll see (Regardless of the structure of the room). Oh well… have a good sight. (Hope you don’t find my Ecchi zasshi).

The “Mess” of my Room.

Injection of Love

Here I am willing to show you guys a Song that… (and my partner won’t let me lie) is an amazing, I totally love it, this is a trance song from akira yamaoka mixed with Sana, the singer voice is an amazing, if u are a guy it will put you under ecstasis! her voice is very seductive and the lyrics are just… too much! this is Hot Stuff! :3

I hope u like it, Lyrics down!


Modaeru Say you love me
midarete kuruu You want it
nureru kotoba dake

Afureru Say you need me
obiete kuruu I want it
moeru kuchizukete

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[Vid] Beatboxer Chef

This is a Fight between taly and me with VIDEOS!! THIS IS SPARTAAAN!

Balls Of Steel

~ No estaba muerta andaba de parranda~ !! ….

Well Guys, do you know? I keep on trying to surprise my partner… uOu it seems that I can’t make him laugh because he have seen almost all the funny videos I do! D: …. *hates him*

This is XDDD a veeery funny video… this is the one that I like the most, it is kind of long but I think it is worth it… I LOOOVE the End XDDDD Sooo freaking funny!!

Enjoy! (:

Anime Family Project – Mirosuke Version

Today, surfing on the web while studying Economics (lol, i know it’s epic) i found something interesting at Lyrical Spark website something she called “Anime Family Project”.

What is this?
Well, is choosing who on the anime/manga/game characters could be part of your family.
There’s an example of Honya’s Family.

Let’s see, according on the format:

  • Format:
    -”insert relationship here i.e. Onee-san”: “Choice (series)”
    -Honorable Mentions: “Runner-up Choices (series)”
    -Rationale: “explanation goes here”
  • Family can be of any size you want. Default family members are as follows:
    -Otou-san お父さん (Means Father)
    -Okaa-san お母さん (Means Mother)
    -Onee-san お姉さん (Means Big Sister)
    -Onii-san お兄さん (Means Big Brother)
    -Imouto 妹 (Means Little Sister)
    -Otouto 弟 (Means Little Brother)
    -Waifu (自分の)奥さん (Means Wife)
    -Musume (自分の)娘 (Means Daughter)
    -Musuko (自分の)息子 (Means Son)
  • Character limitations: Anime, Manga, and Game characters are all eligible
  • Selection Criteria: Whatever you want.

Well, i’ll show my Anime Family but let me say that choosing a Otouto or a Musuko was kinda hard… Don’t know why, i think i don’t remember so many “childist” male characters. Anyways, hope’s everything it’s okay (and each terms is well translated).

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